Tarballs integrity check

You have to check downloaded archives integrity and verify their signature to be sure that you have got trusted, untampered software. For integrity and authentication of downloaded binaries GNU Privacy Guard is used. You must download signature (.sig) provided with the tarball.

For the very first time you need to import signing public key. It is provided below, but it is better to check alternative resources with it.

pub   rsa2048/0x2B25868E75A1A953 2017-01-10
      92C2 F0AE FE73 208E 46BF  F3DE 2B25 868E 75A1 A953
uid   NNCP releases <releases at nncpgo dot org>

Then you could verify tarballs signature:

$ gpg --verify nncp-6.0.0.tar.xz.sig nncp-6.0.0.tar.xz