Extreme terrestrial environments, no link

This is some kind of too slow link. Offline delivery methods is the only choice. Just send files as shown in previous section, but use removable media for transferring packets to other nodes.

Assume that you send two files to bob node. Insert USB storage device (SD is preferable!), mount it and run nncp-xfer:

$ nncp-xfer -node bob /media/usbstick

to copy all outbound packets related to bob. Use -mkdir option to create related directory on USB/SD storage if they are missing (for example when running for the first time).

If you use single storage device to transfer data both to bob and alice, then just omit -node option to copy all available outgoing packets.

$ nncp-xfer /media/usbstick

Unmount it and transfer storage to Bob and Alice. When they will insert it in their computers, they will use exactly the same command:

$ nncp-xfer /media/usbstick

to find all packets related to their node and copy them locally for further processing. nncp-xfer is the only command used with removable devices.