$ nncp-pkt [options] < pkt
$ nncp-pkt [options] [-decompress] -dump < pkt > payload
$ nncp-pkt -overheads

Low level packet parser. Normally it should not be used, but can help in debugging.

By default it will print packet’s type, for example:

Packet type: encrypted
Niceness: 64

If you specify -dump option and provide an encrypted packet, then it will verify and decrypt it to stdout. Encrypted packets contain plain ones, that also can be fed to nncp-pkt:

Packet type: plain
Payload type: transitional

Packet type: plain
Payload type: mail
Path: stargrave@stargrave.org

And with the -dump option it will give you the actual payload (the whole file, mail message, and so on). -decompress option tries to zstd-decompress the data from plain packet (useful for mail packets).

-overheads options print encrypted, plain and size header overheads.