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$ nncp-pkt [options] < pkt
$ nncp-pkt [options] [-decompress] -dump < pkt > payload
$ nncp-pkt -overheads

Low level packet parser. Can be useful for debugging. There are two types of packets: plain and encrypted. By default it will print packet’s header, for example:

Packet type: encrypted
Niceness: B (224)

-dump option outputs plain packet’s payload (if it is file transmission, then it will be the file itself as an example). If it is an encrypted packet, then it will be decrypted first, outputing the included plain packet, that can be fed to nncp-pkt again:

Packet type: plain
Payload type: transitional
Niceness: B (224)

Packet type: plain
Payload type: exec compressed
Niceness: P (96)

-decompress option tries to zstd-decompress data from plain packet (useful with exec compressed types of packets).

-overheads options print encrypted, plain and size header overheads.

This command automatically determines if an encrypted packet belongs to multicast area and will try to decrypt it with its corresponding key.