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Configuration general options

Those options are in the root of configuration dictionary.

spool: /var/spool/nncp
log: /var/spool/nncp/log

# All of options below are optional
umask: "022"
noprogress: true
nohdr: true

# MultiCast Discovery
mcd-listen: ["em[0-3]", "igb_.*"]
mcd-send: {"em[0-3]": 60, igb_.*: 5}

# Yggdrasil aliases
yggdrasil-aliases: {
  myprv: 60bb...27aa
  bob-pub: 98de...ac19d
  alice-endpoint: tcp://
  default-endpoints: tcp://[::1]:2345,alice-endpoint

Absolute path to the spool directory.



  • absolute path to the log file
  • FD:XXX, where XXX is a decimal file descriptor to write records too

Will force all invoked commands to override their umask to specified octal mask. Useful for using with shared spool directories.


When enabled, disables progress showing for many commands by default. You can always force its showing with -progress command line option anyway.


nohdr option disables hdr/ files usage.

And optional MultiCast Discovery options:


Specifies list of network interfaces regular expression nncp-caller will listen for incoming MultiCast Discovery announcements.


Specifies list of network interfaces regular expressions, and intervals in seconds, where nncp-daemon will send MultiCast Discovery announcements.

Optional Yggdrasil support-related aliases are used for convenience and keeping private keys away being used directly in command line. Each PUB, PRV, PEER, BIND value in nncp-daemon’s -yggdrasil and in yggdrasil: addresses is replaced with alias value. Moreover each entry in list of PUBs, PEERs and BIND can be an alias too. Pay attention, that all aliases ending with prv will be saved with 600 permissions when converting to directory layout.

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