$ nncp-daemon [options] [-maxconn INT] [-bind ADDR] [-inetd]

Start listening TCP daemon, wait for incoming connections and run synchronization protocol with each of them. You can run nncp-toss utility in background to process inbound packets from time to time.

-maxconn option specifies how many simultaneous clients daemon can handle. -bind option specifies addr:port it must bind to and listen.

It could be run as inetd service, by specifying -inetd option. Pay attention that because it uses stdin/stdout, it can not effectively work with IO timeouts and connection closing can propagate up to 5 minutes in practice. Example inetd-entry:

uucp	stream	tcp6	nowait	nncpuser	/usr/local/bin/nncp-daemon	nncp-daemon -quiet -inetd