$ nncp-toss [options]
    [-node NODE]
    [-cycle INT]
    [-nofile] [-nofreq] [-noexec] [-notrns] [-noarea]

Perform "tossing" operation on all inbound packets. This is the tool that decrypts all packets and processes all payload packets in them: copies files, sends mails, sends out file requests and relays transition packets. It should be run after each online/offline exchange.

-dryrun option does not perform any writing and sending, just tells what it will do.

-cycle option tells not to quit, but to repeat tossing every INT seconds in an infinite loop. That can be useful when running this command as a daemon.

-seen option creates empty seen/XXX file after successful tossing of XXX packet. nncp-xfer, nncp-bundle, nncp-daemon and nncp-call commands skip inbound packets that has been already seen, processed and tossed. This is helpful to prevent duplicates.

-nofile, -nofreq, -noexec, -notrns, -noarea options allow disabling any kind of packet types processing.